2 thoughts on “Juliet images

  1. Nan Corson says:

    Thank you for sharing your family’s story, Juliet. I found it deeply moving (to the point of tears on several occasions), so grippingly written, exhaustively researched and conveyed. It occurs to me to wonder if you have read NZer Diana Wichtel’s story of her own search for her Polish father in “Driving to Treblinka”? Like you, she is a respected and experienced journalist. Also there is a fascinating book written by NZ’s late Michael King, historian, about his wife’s father’s East European family “At the Edge of Memory” where he gets to interview a survivor of Auschwitz in Melbourne just months before her death. He brings all the known and knowable facts of the family history together in what is also a compelling story of those who perished and the few who survived it all. We can only hope that the world may one day soon come to its senses and put an end to war-mongering and racism – and destruction of the planet! I look forward to reading your next just-published book. Wishing you well, Nan Corson Aotearoa NZ


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